Proud Author

About a few months ago I released my very first book. Numb is available for purchase on Amazon in e-book and paperback versions. It’s also available on Createspace, which is the means I used to self-publish my work. I’m an indie author who’s ecstatic over the label. A few years have passed since I declared myself a writer. And now I really feel like one. The outpouring of support from family and friends has been encouraging to my journey. The process for self-publishing the book was somewhat familiar to me since I’d learned how to sell my short stories online. I like familiar. Nope. I love familiar. Formatting and uploading the book file was affordable and simple. User friendly tools, tech savvy teens I’m proud to mother, a super beta reader who caught errors I missed (even after I’d reviewed it three times), and a hefty determination to share my writing with you really made this experience a wonderful one.  Now, on to the next book.