Flight MH17

Many boarded the plane

oblivious to death

They shoved baggage

into overhead compartments

They searched for

assigned seats

Some closed the window shades

Some were grumpy

Others anxious about flying

Almost everyone used a device

to send emails, texts,

new statuses for social media

It was only when they

heard the impact of a missile

exploding in midair—

They thought of death

Met death

Plummeted to their death

Somewhere on the South Side

The babysitter
hardly ever smiled
She was religious–
stern with coal black hair
in a tight roller set
that framed her oval face.
She had a large mouth.
I liked to watch her
eat with it.
Always chewed slowly,
took tiny bites with
only her front teeth.
We sat around a white
kitchen table, eating
tunafish sandwiches in
silence. All the doors in the
house were tan, accordian