Yoga for Life

Last month I signed up for a virtual yoga and healthy eating program called Slim and Tone. The Internet rules. I love online stuff. I practiced yoga for 28 days straight. Yep. This novice did it. And I feel like a superhero for being committed to the program. I became vegan too. I’ll share more about my nutritional journey in another post. Maybe. Idk. It might bore you. Each day via email I received a new yoga video. I was Downward Dogging and Prayer Twisting and Tree Posing and perspiring harder than a cage fighter.

The instructor provided guidance for each pose and variations of the more challenging poses. This was helpful, especially when my body wasn’t quite ready to bend or twist as far as my mind wanted it to. I liked how the videos varied in length. During the first week the videos were under ten minutes and then the time increased gradually over the coming weeks until it reached about ninety minutes. Whew! I never thought I could stretch or hold poses all while enjoying every minute of it for more than an hour. The pace was also just right, not so fast that I struggled to keep up and not so slow that I wanted to take a nap.

Yoga has altered my perception of exercise. For weight loss or stress relief I accept that I don’t need a gym or fancy equipment. I achieved both from using my own body weight. I lost eight pounds. I’m much calmer too. I must tell you that my purple yoga mat has a lotus flower on it. I paid twenty bucks for it. I’d probably pay a bit more for an even cooler mat I’ve seen online. Gaiam has some awesome ones.

When I finished each yoga session, I was always drenched in sweat and I felt like I’d had a good total body workout. I felt such mental clarity and calmness after I’d completed a daily video. I looked forward to doing yoga each day of the program. And this is an attitude toward exercise that I haven’t carried in a few years. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve been to the gym in which I’m a member. I’m not a fan of being next to another I can smell jogging on a treadmill. But I have it, you know, in case I wanna go there again someday.

I used to work out six days a week. Sometimes I’d work out twice a day. I ran on the treadmill. I did calisthenics. I listened to Jillian Michaels and Jackie Warner chastise me for panting and wanting to quit in the middle of a workout. They’d say, “C’mon keep going!” and I’d glare and think Uh, no. It hurts. That method along with eating fairly healthy at the time helped me lose over forty pounds. Great, right? Whatever.

In that phase of my life I went through a divorce. My mom died. I ate every slice of cheese pizza, chocolate cake, fudge brownie, and French fry set before me. Potatoes rule. I regained the weight. Exercise was of little interest. I’m grateful that now my sentiment has evolved. I crave movement. I had a strong feeling that I would enjoy Slim and Tone from the moment I read what the program offered. You get yoga videos, recipes, and support. The instructor is amazingness. Adding yoga to my lifestyle has encouraged me to feel balanced. Yoga for life? Yes, I’m all in.