Miss Me

Miss me? Certainly I’ve missed you dear readers. I have a bundle of excuses for not posting here as regularly as I’ve done in the past, but I won’t bore you with those. I’d rather share what I’ve been up to lately in my writing life. I like calling it that, although mine is filled with more than words. Truth is I write more in the journal about daily happenings and personal thoughts than I write chapters in the latest book I’m currently working on. Baby Momma is a fictionalized account of my life as a single mother. I chose this particular title because the label stirs my emotions. For some reason when I hear it, I envision a disagreeable, neglectful woman with too many syllables in her first name. This isn’t me. Consider it a play upon words. I hope you enjoy it when it’s published. Maybe I’ll even post a short passage from it in a future post. I’ll probably self-publish it. I like having complete control with the process of releasing my work to the public. Technology makes this super easy to do. The immediacy of eBooks and print on-demand paperbacks is amazing. And there’s also the fact that I haven’t mastered writing a query letter to solicit a book deal with traditional publishers.


If you follow me on social media then you’re aware that I’ve been promoting handmade cowls and scarves in crochet and knit. Last summer I set up the EyeHeartInfinity shop online through Etsy to sell my stuff and so far it’s been wonderful. With each sale I feel like a winner. While I’m clackity-clack-clacking away with knitting needles or yarning over my crochet hook, calmness ensues and I absolutely love it. Several projects have to be finished before the holidays. I’ve returned to the classroom and this year I’m teaching writing to tenth graders. When I got the job, I learned that having a separate class for writing was new for students. Well, this is my first time teaching high school so we’re even. They complain that I make them write too much. I do. I won’t back off. It’s what we must do in a writing class, besides I’m biased and convinced that everyone should write. Sometimes I write with students just for fun. I like prompt writing. It encourages me to rely on knowledge for a specific topic. What else do I wish to share with you? Oh, I’ve still been participating in monthly writing challenges for Book in a Week. And insomnia rules.



There was a time I felt
so incredibly lonely and alone.
I was a younger woman then
a mother of one
adorable baby boy whose smile
made my heart dance.
I hated the fact that
roaches crawled the floors,
walls—even with the lights on
They owned every inch of our
apartment space.
Linen white cabinets
painted over multiple times
to cover dirt and grime
of a multi-unit on the North side
in need of maintenance
and new tenants.
My life was not as it should
have been according to that
fluffy ponytail and colorful
barrette wearing little girl
who grew up on the West side
of Chicago.
Alone I’d weep
pray for someone to love me
A foolish hope for one so naive
to the hellish things going on
in the world.